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Introducing Arbor-OTC™, Arborjet's newest product offering for control of bacterial tree diseases

Treat diseases like Fire Blight, Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Palm Yellows, Ash Yellows, Phytoplasma Disease, Lethal Yellows, and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline with Arborjet's newest offering, Arbor-OTC.

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Why Arbor-OTCArbor-OTC containers?

Arbor-OTC is a systemic water soluble injectable antibiotic for the control of bacterial diseases in non-food bearing trees and palms.

  • Suppresses serious bacterial diseases: Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Fire Blight, Lethal Yellows, and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline
  • Makes application easy: shelf-stable water-soluble powder, no expiration date, mix-and-pour container
  • Targets diseased tissue: trunk injection seals treatment inside tree so formula goes straight to targeted area
  • Reduces weather-related delays: treat on windy and rainy days


Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride: 39.60% (Equivalent to 36.7% oxytetracycline)
Other Ingredients: 60.40%
Total: 100.00%

Diseases controlled by Arbor-OTC include...

Ash Yellows, Bacterial Blast, Bacterial Blight, Bacterial Canker, Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Blossom Blast, Blossom Blight and Canker, Bunch Disease, Crown Gall, Decline, Fire Blight, Fruit Spot, Leaf and Shoot Blight, Leaf Blight and Brown Rot, Leaf Spot, Lethal Decline, Phloem Necrosis, Phytoplasma Disease (including Lethal Yellows and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline), Stem Canker, Stubborn Disease, Tip Dieback, Vascular Yellows, Wetwood/Slime Flux, Witches’ Broom (caused by mycoplasma-like organisms), and X-Disease

Research on Arbor-OTC

Arbor-OTC significantly reduced the length of necrosis found on shoots from apple shoot fire blight.

Means followed with the same upper case letter between treatments within one date are not significantly different (p ≥0.05).

Important Note on Registration of Arbor-OTC

Please note that Arbor-OTC is not yet registered for use in all states. Contact your local extension or Department of Agriculture to verify that Arbor-OTC is available for use in your area.



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