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Treatment for Nutrient Deficiencies

Fungal diseases, chlorosis, and nutrient deficiencies can be treated by injection.

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Why Protect Against Nutrient Deficiencies?

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Nutrient Deficiencies
Fungal diseases, chlorosis, and nutrient deficiencies can be treated by injection.


Nutrient deficiencies are damaging your trees now.

Your trees could provide over $200 in annual cost savings, and they increase your bottom line property value!  Tree removal and replacement can cost from $750 - $1000.  Treating trees with Arborjet tree injection can protect you from dead trees and costly removals.  The National Tree Benefit Calculator is a great resource to learn about the true value of your trees.  Did you know that treating the trees on your property will cost a fraction of the cost of removal?


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Service Provider

You’re a plant health professional, so why not use the best method available to protect your customers' trees?  Nutrient deficiencies, fungal diseases, and chlorois can cause serious damage and defoliation to trees, but Arborjet has the solution.

Trunk injections work! Injections can protect trees against nutrient deficiencies, fungal diseases, and chlorosis-- nearly all trees across the country are susceptible to at least one of these issues. The cool, wet weather in the early spring and fall are perfect for trunk injection, as it allows for great uptake of the product into the tree. After an injection, the product keeps working through the tree's vascular system into the growing season, continuing the protection.


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See the Research

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Efficacy of Systemic Insecticides for Protection of Loblolly Pine Against Southern Pine Engraver Beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) and Wood Borers (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) image

Effectiveness of Two Systemic Insecticides for Protecting Western Conifers from Mortality Due to Bark Beetle Attack image

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Nutrient Deficiencies



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